signs of spring

if all the blossoms on the trees and bulbs peeping aren't screaming spring right now, at least the rain's pouring - again. i don't mind the rain so much but prefer the rainy season I remember in panama. in the tropics the sun comes back out when the rain finishes its drips. out here we're likely to stay gray for the day. but really I'm not complaining! i have to remember not to complain about california - it's a great place to live. but being from panama it's hard not to bash certain things :o) (like the crowds and the traffic) and the frigid ocean - brrr!

the first healthy looking camelia bloom on the little plants i've had for a few years - maybe they like their new spot!

tulips pushing up...if only i could remember what colors i planted...purples and reds?

crocosmia - i love it, j thinks it hangs over the driveway too much.

the coolest looking cala lilies around!

jasmine getting ready to burst...yummy

nice looking avocado eh? unfortunately it's the ONLY one that made it through the two weeks of frosty nights we had in january. it's not like we had that many on the tree to begin with either. phylo was stealing the ones that would drop, then would nibble them down to the seed. he's a naughty naughty dog...with good taste.