phylo's new accessory

poor baby phylo got a bad cut yesterday that required 10 stitches to close. the good thing is that no tendons or muscles were damaged so he'll heal up pretty quick. the other good thing is the awfully cute bandage the vet put on him! purple and blue polka dots...i'm sure phylo doesn't appreciate it half as much as i do :o)

for surgery he was given anesthesia which made him really lethargic the whole rest of the day. and he didn't want to drink any water - even hours later. so i bribed him by putting some splashes of chicken broth in his water dish. it worked! he drank a really good amount. i think i got the idea from j's mom when she said that to get the kids to drink their milk with dinner she would let them put pepsi in the milk (ewww!). they dubbed it 'pilk'.