new etsy wares

while in the middle of a major kitchen remodel (not yet finished...but getting there!) i decided to participate in Bazaar Bizarre which was being held at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. somehow i pulled off sewing up some 50 new plush animals and had a fabulous time at the event! i was left with just a few little guys and they are now in my shop at Etsy just waiting to be adopted. i also had some new paintings & prints and the they are also in the shop. the painting below is 'gussie sees something new':

a baby penguin and his mama are out for a stroll on the ice when they find something they've never seen before. hopefully a sweet take on the important topic of global warming.

& today i finished a little manatee painting - he's a cute little guy. i'm actually liking the manatees so much that i drew up more sketches to make into paintings. i'll have those prints at the shop really soon as well.

a fun shot from my studio:

have a lovely day!!