Etsy Showcase Today!

Happy Monday :o) It's my birthday! This morning (probably only cause it's my b-day...) my husband went running with me and our dog Phylo. It was great...and we'll have earned our yummy dinner at 71 St. Peter tonight! Mmmm...'summer tasting menu' with wine pairing - can't wait!

And I have a spot in the showcase on Etsy today...Rosie the lapdog is featured. Too cool...hopefully I'll have more people visit my shop. I'll be posting more plushes later today in the shop and I have more paintings in the works that I'll get on there soon too.

I found out last week that Cookie Magazine blog featured one of my plushes! I'm not sure which one as the link was past (the post was in June) but it linked to my Etsy shop which is great. Cookie is such a rad magazine & I feel totally honored!

These are some plushes that have found homes lately...