back from the homeland

A two year old macaw baby with a scarlet/green mommy and blue/gold daddy - he's a total rainbow. i really got back over a week ago! :o) it's been a busy time - my parents have been here visiting and i've been catching up on all the loose ends...mural jobs & follow ups, new products for sales and for my etsy shop. and i caught a really dreadful cold...i still feel like i'm swimming under water - know that feeling? bahhh, can't wait till it's passed.

anyway, panama was so wonderful and i can't wait to go again. this trip was just me and my parents and brother. we went all over - el valle (a cool, mountainous area), the beaches (playa blanca), all over panama city, all over the canal zone (where i grew up), out to gamboa (where you can really feel at peace, and get great views of the ships in transit through the canal), and over to majagual (vera cruz) where my best friend lucy lives with her husband and 2 girls, plus 3 dogs and 2 cats! we saw lots of friends, lots of wildlife, took so many photos, swam in the ocean...ahhh. more pics at my flickr page.

mossy steps at the golden frog inn, el valle, panama

gorgeous canna bloom at the golden frog inn - just amazing gardens...

sleeping princess mountain

ship in transit through the canal - headed toward the miraflores locks, gamboa

birds flying over the beach...about to steal fish from the pelicans!

a beautiful day at the beach in panama

lookee what i found...i paddled the 'ocean to ocean cayuco race' in this boat - the 'high anxiety'. we won first place our second year - such good memories. what's the cayuco race? an arm marathon essentially - 51 miles of paddling with a 4 person crew over 3 days, from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean, just like a ship would do it.