In my shop today

I've been working on a few new art pieces like the one above called 'drizzly'. It's an ink drawing from my sketchbook that I've colored digitally. I love how these are coming out and will hopefully have more soon. In the meantime, check out the 3 new pieces including 'drizzly'...

This piece is pretty darn sweet...called 'spring humming'. I love girls and birds and flowers and polka dots - it's true.

To show you another view of things - this is how I package my prints; signed print on stiff backing board, within a clear sleeve (both board and sleeve are reusable). This print is wonderful in an 'alice in wonderland' kind of way - it's called 'le petit jardin'.

Also new in my shop are little owl plushies that have gorgeously scented lavender inside. I took a teeny owl sketch of mine and gocco printed my image onto different lovely fabrics like wools and velvets. I have 18 little owls for sale and that's it - the screen is no good for fabrics anymore. There are two in the shop right now but I will be listing the rest of them over the next few days. They are all different from each other and oh so cute & delicious smelling :o)

A pink velvet owl plushie, with lavender inside. Pick them up in my shop!

And thanks to all who came out to the 'Street Mrkt' hosted by Anno Domini Gallery!! It was really fun with amazing live music - who was that first band?? First Friday's of the month are really starting to be a happening time in San Jose, now with all the galleries lined up on S. 1st Street. Believe me, I get so excited when I see these kinds of things makes me have hope for San Jose!