oh technology...

why must it be so hard for me...??

i had a bit of a rough day trying to be a technological genius and get an email out to my mailing list. how difficult is it sending an email? apparently, it can be a real challenge!

for those of you who received some slightly odd messages from me today, please know that they were not what i intended. this is what my 'devon industry mail' update should have looked like. Pretty cute right? At least better than just a sprinkling of links and a copyright notice...i'm terribly sorry! i promise to get the kinks worked out...calling all I.T. people! :o)

i did post a new lovely wooly flora in my shop:it's actually more of a magenta than the deep purple it appears to be.

i'm also gearing up for much wool and felt goodness to come!! i have plans for new scarf designs as well as more flowers...and maybe some animals...? yes, i can't wait!