sylvester the owl and friends

those of you i chatted with at Anno Domini's Street Mrkt this August might remember me sewing up these little guys :o)

the mini owl's name is sylvester, the fuzzy lapdog puppy is perry, and the little stuffed 'owlette' is one from a series of 18 owls that are printed with my gocco machine. they're each unique and have delicious smelling dried lavender inside. all at my shop...well, perry will be there later today or tomorrow but check it out anyway!

we're also just busily continuing with our new norm of cleaning/remodeling our house. it's SUCH a neat place - we adore it and are thankful for it, but it does need a fair share of work! somewhat frustrating for me because i would love to just jump in and paint some lovely scenery around the dining room, or paint a sky in the living room. but most of the walls & ceiling need attention before any painting can be done. they either need scraping and sanding plus repainting, removal of acoustic ceiling tile (yes, ugh!) and repairing of the drywall, or maybe even refloating with more plaster. then comes priming, then finally painting, then finally, oh maybe yes...murals and more murals :o)

so till then we are chipping away on what we can...sometimes literally - this past week we put a rug under our dining table - actually a 'flor' (carpet tiles - yes!). we love it and so do the animals. i think the colors make it cozy... the wall color will eventually be a sky blue (i'm over the 'goldfish tangerine' shade - yes, i painted it - after painting it a grayish purple). then the ceiling i'll paint with a night sky mural. and maybe eventually i'll paint woodland scenery between the molding going around the room - like you're looking through the woodwork to the environment'll be wonderful and magical. so, lots of plans...not very much time!

more pics of our place...and many other things at my flickr page - look under set labeled 'haus'