A Blurry Friday

Blurry for many reasons...that Friday came so quickly somehow, all the random interruptions and extra stuff that have made the day a little fuzzy, and for some reason my contacts are also not focusing like they should. I think I need a nap! Or at least a Saturday snooze-in.

But I have been busy despite those things. I made the cutest little elephant plush for my friend's little boy. She commissioned me to put together an elephant with the leftover fabrics from her son's room - they are all so nice. Basilio is his name and I just love him...I need to go drop him off later today.

I also have two new baby owlings in my shop. They're so wonderful & really seem to have distinct personalities. It's funny - I sew my owlings from the exact same pattern and wind up with completely different outcomes every time - just one of many things that makes it fun :o)

I also put together a little mix of some 'Devon Industry' stuff - sort of a collage of plushes and wooly flora and prints.

Well, all for now I guess...I got to run out with Basilio and a jar of homemade apricot jam, plus some little gifts for another friend. Should be fun - it's always nice delivering presents!