Leaving Neverland

'Leaving Neverland', gouache on paper

I love the idea that one could go back and forth to a strange magical place like a 'neverland' or 'netherworld'. I think I could feel totally at home visiting a place where animals are painted in bright outlandish patterns with huge eyes filled with shy curiosity. And vines would creep into all the nooks and crannies and burst with blooms that attract myriads of odd insect creatures. I think a lot of things would be pretty 'off' - some a little creepy, along with all the beauty and wonder. It makes me think of the most amazing movie I saw a little while back, 'Pan's Labyrinth'. It's really a trip down the rabbit hole.

Along the lines of these thoughts...my current little painting, 'Leaving Neverland'. I'm very happy with this little girl and her bunny bag...check her out in my shop. There are prints available. While painting it up I was filled with all sorts more thoughts about what my own 'neverland' would look like. Can't wait to get back to drawing and painting while my ideas are fresh.

detail from 'Leaving Neverland'

Today I'm working on much different things though. I've got a toybox waiting in my studio to be painted for a client. They're bringing their baby home from the hospital tomorrow and the toybox will be the final lovely detail in her room. I'll post it in my mural studio blog when it's all finished. Today I posted my 'Ocean Life Nursery' mural - it's a super fun mural, hope you can check it out!