Little Penguin Love

I don't know how I fell in love with penguins. I mostly love the lines of their bodies and how such simple lines make me want to dress them up in all sorts of fabulous colors and patterns. And I suppose most appealing is just the habits of the penguins themselves - how they pick a partner and stick with them and then guard their unhatched eggs so carefully. I've been making soft penguins for about a year and now have another little penguin that I'm quite pleased with :o) They're a bit smaller and more like little sculptures than my current penguins that are more like pillows. I think they're going to go well...I hope so! I'll have Pascual the penguin my shop today. I'm very happy with him and can't wait to make more.

I have a few bundles of fabric coming in the mail...keeping close watch for boxes on the porch! Not that I don't have enough fabric, but it's about fresh and new and being inspired. I think the more fabric you have the more possibility there is of the most amazing color/pattern pairings.

I LOVE so many fabrics at one of my favorite online shops - repro depot. Can't buy them all...some are quite expensive really - like the awesome Marimekko fabrics. But eventually I will get these two and will frame little pieces of them like art on the wall.

Mmmm...made a veggie stew with creme fraiche last night, plus cheddar bisquits to dunk in. When we put all our kitchen stuff away for the remodel, some of it got squirreled away too well and I couldn't find my round biscuit cutter. I found the star cutter so we had star shaped biscuits.

Come visit my shop and check out my Pascual pretty please! If enough people like him I'll definitely plan on making more. I can only make so many just for me :o)

Time to walk Phylo...and pack up Miles the sleepy owling baby who was adopted yesterday - many thanks!