Mmmm, did someone say chocolate?

I had to share some of these pics from the trip...this was the "Chocolate Company" - a chocolate shop in Aachen, Germany. A fabulous place!! We ate and drank and bought more chocolate than I could imagine - it was irresistible. We brought home tons of dark chocolate stirring sticks for making hot chocolate. At the shop I drank the raspberry, and can't wait to try the lemongrass and the cinnamon (both dark chocolate, of course...). Jared had an espresso and they brought us a little plate of treats - they were eaten very quickly!

Wish we had bottomless stomaches and could try EVERYTHING!

Dark chocolate with raspberry mixed into hot milk makes the most delicious hot chocolate!

And in shop news...I'm working on some new little guys and have will them up later today. A little lapdog and an owling - they look so cute together. I slipped the little gocco owl cards above into the packages I just shipped out. Hopefully they'll be a sweet surprise :o)