Oh the joys...

...of a fresh new website!!
You might have thought I was lazying around the past few days? Well, maybe you didn't think that...but if you know me you'd realize I was probably up to something :o)

This morning I replaced old with new...www.devonindustry.com is fully updated (well, there's a wee bit of content still missing - but I'll get there!). It may be less picture heavy but definitely more clean and navigable - and super cute I might add! I amazed myself by whipping it out yesterday...till about 1am last night - yep, now I'm pretty tired, but a good tired like an 'accomplished tired'. And I have to give credit to some lovely, fabulous, and oh so helpful folks on the Etsy forums who helped me figure out how to add my Etsy shop to my website. It's there now - you can see it! It's a really cool feature.

So now I can get back on my feet...or back to my sewing machine rather! I've got to scramble and pull together a bunch of goodies for Kaleid gallery drop off this week. I'll be joining up with the gallery again after a little break and will be doing the big holiday event in December. I also have a mural project tomorrow - a darling little nursery for a baby girl soon to arrive.

If you have a moment, would you please let me know what you think of the new site? Any ideas for making it better - or thoughts on what you'd like to see? I'm totally open to suggestions! :o)

Have a really lovely day! xo, Devon

ps: check out my little shop update...with more to come soon :o)