Bazaar Bizarre

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Bazaar Bizarre SF!! It was such a fun day and I sold almost everything! I have a couple of plushes left, a few scarves, some brooches...I will list them in the shop throughout today and Monday.

I also have another elephant, whale, owling, and a couple of lapdogs in the works and will try to have them available Monday as well! It's been SO very busy and I've been neglectful with the blog...after the Christmas craziness I can figure out a better schedule for postings and such. For now, just trying to keep my head above water and fulfill orders and get ready for family coming.

Have a great week!!

xo, Devon
My table at Bazaar Bizarre...

Darwin the lapdog & Juniper the elephant...both sold.

Santini the penguin and his penguin buddies all found homes :o)

Geronimo and Tiki the owlings...Tiki has sold & Geronimo will be in my shop later on!