Home Sweet Home

After a few more days (okay, weeks) than we expected it would take, we are finally back in our house!! Yesterday was WAY too busy but we did it...got all the furniture moved back into our bedroom, office, and my studio. It was so lovely and peaceful to fall asleep - and wake up - in such a pretty new space. Not everything is finished (I admit it probably never is) but we got it all painted with terrific Yolo paints and stuck FLOR carpet tile samples under the legs of our bed and a little chair until we have better solutions (hmmm, new mid century styled legs and a cozy plump chaise would be nice). And can I tell you how much we love our new closet??!!

Now I have mounds of fabric to refold and stack in my studio. I'm vowing to put things back thoughtfully and carefully, and to let go of pieces I don't really love or think I can use. Difficult for my inner pack rat but there's only so much room and I function better in clean, organized spaces.

I also finished some custom orders - finally! - thank YOU for your patience :o) and will get the little owlings off in the mail today. I somehow snuck in a couple more cuties and they will be in the shop later today or tomorrow. The lapdogs and owlings got a chance to snuggle together in a cloud of wool stuffing before saying 'au revoir'.

And lastly...I have something great to share and will post about it tomorrow (oops...maybe it'll be Wednesday - today came and went so quick!). It'll be good - I promise!

Have a lovely day!
xo, devon