Happy Easter from the Owlings

We're off to Cedar Hill, Texas, tomorrow to visit Jared's family :o) Should be fun - hopefully warm and sunny...cross my fingers! I'll be back next week!

5 new owlings - Nova, Lotta, and Emilia are in my shop & the other two are little prezzies

I've been painting and sewing & have new lovely stuff in the shop. 3 new owlings! & a new painting! I don't think I'll finish the 'ice cream girl' painting I've been working on before jetting off but I can assure you she's coming along sweetly. She's inspired by a photo of me from when I was maybe 4 or 5 and rather messily devouring a cone of chocolate ice cream...some things don't change ;o)

"Millicent In The Citrus Garden" painting...print in my shop

It's also my mom's birthday soon (I can't specify the date because she doesn't like to reveal if for some reason). Happy Birthday! Love you!

Here's an old pic of my beautiful mom and her family on a trip somewhere. And one from a couple years ago - love this one :o)

Happy Easter everyone!
xo, Devon