Yesterday I turned the tomato beds...found lots of earthworms (yea!!) and too many grubs (ewww...). But that's what happens when things can simmer under the ground undisturbed for a few months. I praised all the little earthworms and told them to keep multiplying please :o) And I...sorry for those who are squeamish...squished most of the grubs, and tossed a few over the studio roof at the dog who is constantly barking at me (he would get oddly quiet for a few moments as he was probably trying to figure out what the wiggly thing was, then he'd resume barking...then get bombed by another grub). I then poured bags of compost over the whole freshly turned heap and will let it sit for a while. I'll probably plant luscious little tomatoes at the end of April. Still dreaming about which ones I want....besides my 'early girl' and 'sun gold' staples.

And look at the AMAZING poppy!! I need to take another photo that shows just how big this bloom is, but I promise you it's huge and so seductive with its frothy petals. Poppies were the first seeds I ever planted out here in Cali - oriental poppies, back in 2000. I'm somewhat obsessed with them. I have to admit I wish this was a red poppy, or orange. I'm not a fan of pink really. But it's hard to care when something as beautiful as this pops open. And look, there are 4 or 5 more buds that are going to follow this giant one :o)

This caught my eye earlier...I really love Yoshitomo Nara's work and check out this new little book!! I would love it for (myself) the baby's room. It looks so magical.