our haul from the weekend:

apples from our tree...the perfect kind for pie

figs from ask miss mommy's tree - dinner was lovely too!

the most deliciously fragrant lilies and cute kabocha pumpkin from the Japantown farmer's market

this girl really knows how to laugh!

my friend lizzie made this fab onesie for mbird - lizzie's shop is here and she has other cuteness for sale including giant adorable bibs that miranda will be using before long as well.

It's been an interesting past few days...miranda has been sleeping for longer stretches (!) -I think due to some magical pajamas. But she is over 3 months and eats well, and is now in her own crib next to the bed so that probably explains some of it. But she is waking up at different times each morning - sometimes 6am, sometimes 5:30, one time at 7am!, and this morning at 4:50am. And this morning was SO odd/funny - I think she thought it was real wake up time. She chowed down so much milk that she was totally pukey and I couldn't lay her back down without her choking. But she just wanted MORE and kept eating after I would burp her and try to lay her down again. By about 6ish, I thought OK, she's gotta be sleepy by now. But she then started into a string of conversation - coos and blub blubs and ooooohs!. Jared never fell asleep after waking at 5, so he headed out to work and told me later he heard her from outside as he was pulling away - just talking up a storm...maybe she was trying to explain a funny dream :o)

In other news...quite unrelated, I'm working on a new custom owl for a client who has one of my really large swan paintings. I'm designing a barn owl plush for her. Should be fun...just need to find the time to work on it!

happy tuesday, xo, devon