owlings and a first attempt at cardio

Cute owling plush I just whipped up for an etsy alchemy order.

SO many ideas for new product/paintings running through my head today.

Maybe it's because I actually got to go for a run today...yes, an actual run! It was my first in months. I stopped running around month 4 or 5 when pregnant with Miranda and now she's nearly 4 months old - so that's a while! Jared thought of the plan to come for lunch and watch Mbird while I hit the park. Not only did he do that, but he also came along for a lap (walking) with Miranda in the ergo carrier and Phylo yelping at squirrels. He's such a sweetie. I think he knew I was bummed Phylo probably wouldn't get a walk if I went without him (and I normally have to coerce Jared into walking so it really was a nice thing to do). If I had taken Phylo my run would have been more lively than I needed for a first time out. I didn't do too bad - 4 laps, 20 min. of cardio. End result - sore legs and knees, red face, full out panting.

It felt SO good :o)

xo, devon