'Wise Owl' - Original hoop painting by Devon Industry (that's me! :o)

Beautiful day today...gosh, it's unreal - warmish with a nice breeze so all the trees are waving their yellow tinged leaves. Miranda is sleeping on her tummy at the moment - very cute :o) Trying some new 'sleepish' things around here. It's been a tiring week and something had to give. Thus, tummy sleeping! More on what helped make that happen later on...along with some super cute photos from today.

'Running Bunny' - Original hoop painting by Devon Industry

Moving on...because I need to tell you about my latest work!! I'm so excited about these pieces...they combine many things I love - fabric, painting, animals, plushes. I'm calling them hoop paintings. So far I've made 'Running Bunny', 'Wise Owl', and 'Little Bird'. They are on stretched Osnaburg cotton and finished nicely with felt backings and twill ribbon around the edge. I'm working on getting them into my shop - please check back soon! :o)

'Little Bird' - Original hoop painting by Devon Industry

Did you know that Osnaburg cotton was what feed sacks were made of way back when? It's basically a rustic cotton fabric that can really take a beating (I think it's a fabulous alternative to canvas - more delicate, with so much character). I love that it was such a versatile and important fabric during the Great Depression. Many feed sacks later became dresses, aprons, pillows, and anything else that was needed. Good stuff - using what's available so nothing goes to waste. If you're curious about more things Osnaburg check it out here.

I also have other goodies just listed...hand felted merino wool scarves (my dotty style), plus two new plushes - Scotia the penguin & August the sleepy owling plush.

I'll be back later (or maybe tomorrow) with Etsy goodies...need to go package orders and toss down some lunch before the Bird wakes. Hope everyone is enjoying this most lovely Friday!!

xo, devon