Happy Half Year Birthday!

I can see why people go on about 6 month old babies...they are really fun :o) And funny, too. Our Bird is a delightful little being and we are eating up every minute. Happy 6 month birthday to you!!

After 6 months, here's what we see so far...

You're very observant and love to watch everything around you

You're very vocal (!) and laugh, squeal, blow bubbles, and pant

You're no lightweight! You're about 20 pounds and so tall - good thing your mama's strong!

You're physical & love being tossed in the air, tickled, and snuggled

You're very curious (and still nursing lying down on the bed because you're SO distractable and have to know where every little sound comes from...)

You let go of mama's hair when I ask you :o)

You're cuddly (hugs and more hugs - oh thank you!)

You're into animals (Phylo's not too happy about this, Sanguine surprisingly is & seems to really like you!)

You're mesmerized by movement (you can lay quietly for SO long just watching your straw Panama mobile). And you love to watch us working, or watch Phylo race around the garden - nothing seems to thrill you more :o)

You love to scratch things (you scratch your fingers on your sheets as you settle into sleep)

You're not as afraid of baths anymore, and riding in the car is a little better, too

Books make you SO very excited! When we show you books or read to you, you babble and blurb and flail your arms. You've done this since you were barely 3 months old

You love walks...we walk every day carrying you in the Ergo. You hold onto my arm or my fingers and you barely flinch when Phylo spouts off at the squirrels

Your first mimic was of Phylo yelping at squirrels - quite hilarious, and so fitting :o)

You're so special to us and we can't imagine life without you!!!