a balmy winters day at the japanese friendship garden

It's been so unbelievably nice here! I'm talking days in the 70's (well, that was earlier in the week, but I'm not complaining about anything over 60). And it's January folks! I suppose we really need rain, and I'm all for it, but just don't like the gloomy grayness and chill that comes with it. So for now, we're celebrating!! Long walks, hanging laundry outside, disc golf, and getting out to places like the Japanese Friendship Garden - a local gem for us.

Mbird and I checked it out on Wednesday and had a marvelous time. Well, I did at least. Miranda was less impressed (probably just sleepy - you know how it is to be all snuggled up and comfy and then have the warm sun shining on you...too tempting for a nap).

The koi were huge...like monstrously large - they are totally not hurtin' for food.

I kept checking on the Bird and she was mostly just like this - hanging out, content, staring off into space.

I avoided crossing the stone bridges initially then realized I had to get over them to see the good stuff. Another reason why the ergo carrier beats a stroller. But, it wasn't so bad - just picked up the whole thing and walked it over. Then repeated that 3 or 4 more times :o)

The big one - you can hear it when you're meandering through the twists and turns of the garden. Wish you could get closer to it, but they've put up some hefty bamboo fencing all around to keep us curious ones out.

Miranda had a fleeting second wind as we were heading out of the garden and for a fast stroll through (the less glorious) kelly park.

Mmmm, warm sunshine nap - the best :o)

Fun day...can't wait for real spring/summer as this was just a tease, but we're sure enjoying it while it's here.

Ugh, even after writing all this my brain is still on slow fry. Just.not.a.morning.person. I need to get it together for the day, though. Have to work on J's sister's logo for her film company, and also get ready for starting a painting commission (oh where, oh where have my reference photos gone to??). And of course, figure out stuff to do with Mbird, head out for two errands (bummer), and get a walk in. And what to do for dinner? Sometimes there's just too much to think about - wish I could balance it all better. I get so caught up in the day to day stuff I feel like I barely scratch the surface on work and things that make the day fresh and new.

Self talk for the day: "one thing at a time, one thing at a time..."

Oh! and I didn't post any etsy favorites - doh!!
What can I say, I'm not a perfect blogger by any means :o) Maybe I'll be back with some mas tarde, goodness knows I have plenty to share.

Have a very lovely Friday and super enjoyable weekend :o)
xo, devon