Is it still February?

"Underwater Sisters" fabric from Heather Ross, Mendocino collection

It's been a weird month over here - sometimes slow and dragging, sometimes flying by (the weekends of course). Lots and lots of rain, many sleep deprived nights, chipping away at our current house project (completely overhauling our back entrance + laundry room), getting organized and being total nerds about it (especially Jared), wishing for Spring but not quite ready for it at the same time. Still, I'm ready for a change, ready to have more energy and more light in the day - more time for projects, a warmer studio to work in.

Our weekend was great. Jared and I finally got to work together on a project like we used to (Mbird took some loooong naps). We had our power sanders out and got the trim Jared had made nice and smooth, then I quickly primed it. Jared got it attached to the house and I set off with the caulking gun, filling every nook, niche, crack, etc. The two of us together are a well oiled machine :o)

Sometime in the afternoon Sunday I was out in the studio (still cleaning/organizing/pretty-ing that space) and was just, ahem, getting up from the facilities as I noticed two strange guys walking around our backyard (!). They saw me, and the questioning hand gestures I made at them, and headed hastily for the gate. I booked it out there while trying to call Jared on the home phone (no answer, thanks hon). I caught up with them in the driveway and (quite irritably) demanded to know what the heck they were doing. They seemed lost and I realized they were probably looking for a friend's house (I figured it was the one down the street with the music blaring out the windows - why they didn't hear it I don't know). I felt bad I got so angry at them but they had totally freaked me out & I wanted them to realize that. I mean, please! - how hard is it to ring the doorbell before just letting yourself in? The funny thing about all of this of course is that it got me to thinking I really need to get curtains up in the studio bathroom!! The bathroom is ALL windows so you're fairly on display in there. I had some Ikea roman blinds in there until they were recalled last month (check their site if you have any!). Now it's a curtainless wonder that I need to remedy. Time to pick out fabrics...I'm leaning toward these:

I would love to have the bathroom be my undersea/mermaid haven :o) You're thinking silly, right? Maybe, but it'll be cute when I'm done with it! I'm thinking of continuing the red/aqua/orange color scheme from the main room, but still keeping things light and bright because of all the crazy angles and the super tight space it is. I keep forgetting to show you my inspiration room photo (from the lost but not forgotten Blueprint mag). By the way, all these fabrics are from one of my favorite designers who I admire beyond words - Heather Ross. You inspire me so much Heather! (please read her lovely blog here)

On the hunt for all things that really is random, must still be February! ;o)

Have a lovely Tuesday!
xo, devon