The April Escape & New Old Things

Our trip to Florida was such a great time...really, even with a 10 month old :o) Especially with a 10 month old. Miranda had us cracking up all the time and it was awesome to introduce new things to the big Atlantic Ocean, the Everglades, and tons of family she had never met before.

We spent our first night at Jared's aunt's house in Sanford, right on a river's edge.
Magical, really.

Hello up there Bird.

We drove down to Palm Beach for my brother's wedding the next day. It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful and very touching ceremony right on the beach, and the reception just steps away.

So fun to see family again...there they are, talking with their hands ;o)

Miranda's great Uncle Al sketched her while she snoozed on Jared. Look for that framed in her room later on - it came out so sweet.

Jared looked fab in his new tie we bought on Etsy.

Whew! We were tuckered out...all that dancing!

After wedding hoopla, we spent a few days hitting the beach and exploring the "real Florida". We so enjoyed John D. McCarthur State Park...the beaches, spinner sharks catapulting in the air, warm ocean waves, sea oats and other funky foliage, lizards galore...

Mbird really enjoyed the sand!

I mean REALLY enjoyed the sand ;o)

She may have had more fun than we did.

Just one of the many reasons I love Jared...he's willing to do things I would never try. Like take our daughter into those big Atlantic waves - hoisting her into the air when they'd come rolling in. She had a blast :o)

Mmmmhh, salty.

This is how quite a few of our days ended.


Back home...
We finally got a laundry line up...I found a fabulous 'hook house' and vintage clothes reel off Ebay. Then we washed up our wedding regalia and watched it float in the breeze - how lovely.

Oh beautiful dress, I will wear you again soon. Maybe with a wide belt and sandals? How about a denim jacket?

(Should I post pics of the 4 way access clothespin bag I just whipped up...?)

And today Miranda is 10.5 months old. I guess it really does go by fast.

xo, devon