Long loud stinky smelly

It's been challenging times for us...to sum it up:

Miranda is getting her top front teeth (had no idea it could be this bad??). We are simply exhausted. Naps have been whittled down from an hour and a half, 2x day, to maybe 25-30 minutes sometimes twice a day. Nighttime is much worse and we've caved and just have the Bird sleeping with us (and me nursing again at night) when she's doing the hourly wake-ups.

Our cat Sanguine went on a peeing rampage in the house, with her focus on the heating vent in the dining room...drip, drip, drip down the vent and into the basement to spread the lovely cat urine aroma all around the house whenever the heater turns on (thank God it's getting warm around here). A trip to the vet proved that she's perfectly healthy. We gave her a massive hair cut, a bath, and bought some feli-way spray. So far she's behaving...the house is still kinda stinky...blecchh!

I've got a mural deadline looming...mid-May. I need energy back, and time (hello, miss those naps!) in order to get my butt in gear and start/finish this project.

Sigh...deep breaths...

Amazingly, despite the lack of sleep and the definite air of crankyness around here, Miranda is just so super duper cute these days and we can't help but fall helpless to her smiles and giggles.

Now, to get a shower in and get to bed...Miranda has already been up once and I'm hoping we get a little sleep before she's up again, and again.

xo, devon