A First Birthday Party

Finally some photos of the party!

It was a super great time.  And wow, we realized we hadn't had a party for a long time. Can't let that happen again.

The deck was finished by maybe 11am, clean up and decorations up and done by 2pm, food ready and first guests arrived by 3pm, wonderful party craziness till possibly 10pm (Bird in bed much earlier than that...tuckered out, oh my goodness).

In the aftermath...we have this amazing deck now - we can hardly believe it. Huge thanks to Jared's parents for blessing us with your visit and your extreme makeover home edition incredible help to us & our elderly lady bungalow.

& the busy-ness ensues...my parents are visiting now & I'm hoping for good bonding times for them and Mbird. I'd love to work on stuff while they're here - we hit up Heath Ceramics Wednesday in Sausalito and bought overstock (amazing deal) tile for our fireplace. It's to die for. Love to start working on laying it in. I've also got a large custom owling in the works, piles & piles of laundry, and you know, just life :o) Life is just busy.