Monkey Monster Lamb, Boo!

This is one of those posts where if I take any longer to publish it will feel too dated, but if I never get it on here I'll feel terrible for never sharing these adorable pictures with you (and as sweet memories for our future selves).

We had a super fun Halloween and I ended up making Mbird's costume. I was thrilled with it when she finally had it on (and decided she was okay with wearing it - we were holding our breath). It was a process though..

Sometime in September I picked up this too cute monkey costume from Old Navy. It was on sale for maybe $16 (!) and thought hmm, this would save me some time. I figured I could sew some felt flowers onto the head for embellishment.

The Bird seemed to like it well enough...I don't think she'd ever experienced being completely IN something from head to toe. It had a funny effect on her.

A couple of weeks later I started thinking there would probably be a million costumed monkeys at the Halloween party we were going to, as well as out trick-or-treating. So I hit my favorite thrift store and hunted out a back up plan.

The monster costume was a good find...and ridiculous in its cuteness. However, and this seems to happen to lots of parents? - it was also ridiculously too small! Mbird paraded around in it for a nanosecond (yes, I captured the nanosecond) and then was done - and wanted it off - now.

I had been perusing the Martha Stewart site for ideas - there are tons of amazing costume inspirations on there! I loved the little lambs...and thought how can I do that in a way that is unique and more me? (because until the Bird starts requesting costumes they can be all about me, haha). I decided to make her a technicolor lamb...a lamb that would really stand out from its herd so to speak. Bursting with color, super warm and cuddly, with sewn felted wool ears, and a really simple base of black onesie/pants/socks (plus black shoes) to pull off the rest of the sheepy-ness.

Miranda makes the cutest little lamb, no?

I could eat all that fuzzy yummy cotton candy wool...

By the end of the party there was a lot of incidental felting done to the wooly puffs I had sewn on. But they just needed a little fluffing before heading out for trick or treating the next night :o)

I should mention that there were three monkeys at the party...

That's a bird's nest on my head by the way. You can barely make out the little bird attached to the top.

I'm currently finishing up all the work I've been immersed in for the past few weeks and I'm headed to San Carlos tonight for my first (and maybe the only) sale of the season. I might do one or two others in December...we'll see. But boy, did I chip away and end up making a ton of stuff. I'll share pics - I promise. Cross your fingers I get time to photograph today. I'm outta here come late afternoon and there's a ton to do before then!