Finally, a place to fold laundry! Oh, and sleep too.

We got a new bed last weekend! It feels like one of those things you buy once & pass along to your kids because it's so special.

Save for a few late night interruptions (our pup Phylo needing a midnight bathroom break the other night...) the sleeping has been great!

Jared built our last bed and we loved it for a long time. It was many things - a super tall loft bed in our first place (in the teeniest of bedrooms), then cut down a bit for our new house (but still a smidge "princess & the pea"), then cut down a bit more to normal height toward the end of my pregnancy with Bird. A few months ago our backs started aching and we realize the wood slats had warped over time. We were working on our office at that point and planned on building a bed for Phylo we dismantled our bed and Jared reused the lumber for Phylo's chic little raised platform.

Unfortunately that left us with a mattress on the floor (no boxspring as we never needed one) for the past few months. It was fun for Bird I think. I kind of miss that for her since it's not so easy for little people to climb up on the new bed. She could throw herself on the mattress and bury into the pillows, hang out and read books. Now she needs a boost. But she'll grow :o)

We've been doing a lot of this lately...

I just love a beautifully turned piece of wood. And that's a FLOR carpet by the way. Excellent for people like us with kids & pets and the unfortunate accidents that come along with them...I just take a deep breath, pick up the carpet tile, take it to the sink, wash it off, let it dry, put it back. No problem.


I'll be back soon...