End of Summer

Northern California Beach

In between enjoying the last bits of summer: camping, bbq's, beach time, trips to local amusement parks, and watching the sun set earlier each evening, I've been busy in my studio whenever possible crafting away a line of fabrics for printing.

So I apologize for being absent...I've been making amends in my mind about how I could make a pact to blog each day (even if it's just posting a picture like my friend Klay says) in order to stay current and not feel like my blog is a stranger each time I open the page. I hope to do this...soon ;o)

My upcoming posts will have my favorite pictures from Summer. And definitely it's time to share some of what I've been working on. I have a sale in early November and I'm scrambling to get my fabric designs done and uploaded to a digital printer so I'll be able to actually make something with them for the sale. It's a tall order and I'm more than a little nervous about having just a week to make all my (sewn fabric) product. Gotta love a deadline I guess.

Hugs, Devon