I made some to the blog.

It's not perfect but I really needed something different.

Working on goals for the year. Not as many as the 19 I had two years ago but still some good ones.

My nikon needs servicing- I'm not as into posting w/o having pictures to go along with the words.

I dug out my old canon powershot from years ago. Bird had fun with it after nap. Hoping it'll keep the blog going while the nikon's being fixed.

Pregnancy: I'm about 8 weeks from when I had Bird (she was 2.5 weeks early) & I've just started getting that anxious feeling. Is that nesting?

I think the baby (boy) has a name :o) !!

We got our washer & dryer back in and the new laundry floor looks amazing. It was worth all the trouble.

Been staying up way too late these days (vacation mode still on) - Nighty 'night!

hugs, Devon