Good job Mommy!

What Bird said to me while I was in the bathroom yesterday:
"Good job Mommy! No more diapers now!"

Last night going on 9, Bird was standing at her door giggling saying "I'm Dory, you're Nemo!" What could I do but laugh along? Then after a while it wasn't so funny anymore - go to bed kid.

Biscuit making

Here's a couple shots from making 15 minute cream biscuits the other day. The recipe is here and it's totally worth it! They only take a few minutes to make, and maybe half an hour to clean up since I let Bird "paint" with flour all over the counters.

Biscuit making

Oh, and about baby #2 we're waiting on...I'm already a week past when I had Miranda and will be at 39 weeks this Tuesday. Yep, ready to have him. But he'll come when he's good and ready I assume. Already quite different from his sister.

Have a lovely weekend!
hugs, Devon