Easter Day
Bird's new activity table
Lots of things are happening around here...I can hardly keep up with everyone's needs and demands. I keep telling myself that this crazy chaotic time will pass and be a faded memory with mostly positive things coming to mind when we think back. For now it's moments of insanity - temper tantrums, keeping on top of nursing for Griffin and potty times for Bird - followed by moments of total quiet where Jared and I nearly forget we have an almost 3yr old and a 5 week old.

Over the weekend we started a spruce up of Bird's room (someday to be Griffin's room too). Out went the sofa, in went the crib (in sofa style). In came a bookcase (yes - storage!) and a nifty new activity table that I covered in polka dot oilcloth. We moved Bird's bed to a better spot. It's still a little awkward in there but it's a small space so compromise is a must. Next to come is painting over the lilac wall color with the same light aqua from our bedroom. I'm debating whether to paint the aqua around the mural, or just paint something new. I would love to paint a gorgeous and huge goldfish on the wall. Odd?

Easter Day
Bird loves her room and we're so excited seeing it come together. I've been learning what little people need in their spaces. Surfaces to do things on is imperative! And having a bookcase to hold items (especially books of course) on both the kid's level and also the parents' level. A cozy place to sit is also really nice - usually the bed works great for this but it's fun to have other options too.

Easter Day
naptime funsies

I found some great little containers at ikea (where just about everything else came from). They're perfect for crayons, markers, stickers, etc. They're fairly difficult to open which is comforting to me - this girl tends to get in lots of trouble at nap and bedtime. Note the green belly button.

hugs, Devon