Beachy loungy fun

4th of July

We did a lot of nothing over the long weekend...aaahhhh. Jared got back from work travel to Asia and the jet lag has been pretty serious. So we played it simple - made and ate lots of good food. Salmon steaks, cucumber salads, bbq ribs, papaya and melon salads, grilled pizza, strawberry ice cream. Jared and Bird went to see Cars 2 and I stayed home with Griffy and did chores around the house while he slept. Crazy how fun chores can seem when you're by yourself. I took Bird to the pool. We went for walks. And on the 4th we went to the beach and it was a great time.

How was your 4th? Parades? Picnics? Family time?

4th of July

Phylo was a well behaved doggie the entire time! He's usually a real PITA and we dread bringing him but this time, wow, he was on his best behavior. Maybe he got the memo that we were fed up with taking him. He's also 6 now which may help too.

The sun was shining (my back is unfortunately a little burned but every one else came out unscathed) and the water was COLD as usual. Griffy slept in the travel crib for an hour so it was actually somewhat relaxing. He had the best sound machine sound track that day...crashing waves. Plus a cool breeze. How lovely.


Jared and Griffy had plenty of cuddles :o)

Griffy shadow

This little profile shot kills me.


I'm in the studio snagging hopefully more than an hour to work on new drawings.

Have a fabulous day :o)
Hugs, Devon