Stills 1/52

Joining Emily at The Beetleshack for Stills this year. Hoping I'll be able to keep up with it. It's wonderful to look back at my old blog posts - always grateful I took the time for them.

A rare family picture with 3 out of 4 smiling faces. Scrambled portrait on the stage in between the St. Nikolaus train rides.

Our little beauty: Bird, 5yrs 6mths

The view from my parents dock in Florida. I spent 5 lovely days visiting my brother and his wife and their brand new 1st baby. It was a great experience to travel on my own for the first time since Bird was 2. I was able to focus on being Auntie and check all the boxes on my list - haircut, pedicure, clothes shopping, beach visit.

Sketching little ladies and curious seagulls on Palm Beach Island.

Back in Europe! We had a great time at a huge playground/park in Leuven, Belgium.

Packing it away till next year.

Hardly the winter weather we had this time last year. These warm days (11c today) are to be savored!

Much love & a very Happy New Year to you!
xo, Devon