Women Who Draw & my illustration based on Charlotte Despard, Suffragist

**UPDATE** The directory was opened again last Monday and my profile is now listed on the site - yay!

I have so many ideas for continuing on with this personal project...highlighting women who stand up and fight for their beliefs.

Yesterday I made time to work on an illustration for the new directory "Women Who Draw"...which unfortunately is on pause for submissions as they received 1200 entries in one day - wow! I would love to have my work there. When it happens I will let you know - for now, I'll share the piece I made. It started after hearing Trump talk about getting TIME magazine's "Person of the Year" award and how he thought they should return to calling it "Man of the Year" award..because, you know, women don't matter right? It was just one more thing piled on top of the mountain of disgusting, selfish, idiotic, and downright mean comments he has spewed this past year. I've just had it, and can no longer listen to his voice - I only READ the news now. The feeling I get when I think of the situations that could stem from this new administration is a jumpy irritating nervousness beneath the surface my skin, throat tightening, jaw clenching, violence inciting, deep anger....and it's really hard to let go of. I've been picturing it as an illustration while and have had my first attempt. I'm really inspired by this photo of Charlotte Despard (suffragist & much more) and pinned it a long time ago. I made my modern era version with similar defiance. I love that she's so strong, even in her elderly body - it radiates out. This may become part of a series, as I love working from old photographs (and the subject matter is therapeutic!) and I want to work to increase the solidarity of women artists today - as women are still, and always will be, facing an uphill battle for equality.