Prepping for another round with MATS Children's Book Illustration course

I'm taking another deep dive into the world of children's book illustration with Lilla Rogers and Zöe Tucker's course through Make Art That Sells. It starts this Monday and what's super nice (though tricky to squeeze in) is the warm up project Lilla and her team send out to help you get ready for the class. This week we received adorable pictures of "Birdie" and can develop the character and story from there.

My Birdie lives in Peru and is out for a spin not far from her neighborhood. Huge cacti and bright blooms fill the landscape. She's carrying something in her hand.

Birdie arrives at the little pond and pokes a finger into the water to call her friends to the surface. They love when she visits and feeds them snacks leftover from her breakfast.

As Birdie gently floats the cracker in the water things suddenly shift. Her surroundings shake then grow and become unrecognizable. Birdie pushes through the thick stalks of giants irises and carefully avoids prickly cactus stems as she moves along, wondering what she'll discover next.

Those are the first three days of prompts - so much fun to imagine who this Birdie character is and where the story will lead. Check back for the last two days :)

You can see more about the course & prompts here and here you can see my feature from the showcase of the class...scroll down in the article to see my cover of Ada Lovelace & the Number Crunching Machine.

Have a lovely (crazy windy wintery) day all!