Shop Update::Wooly Flora Brooches

In the shop now!

4 new Wooly Flora Brooches

Made with my own handmade felts (and some Belgian flat felt) - all 100% wool and super soft and pretty.

Teeny stitches and french knots, with layered felt leaves, and pinbacks to finish them off. These totally make an outfit!

As usual, hard to resist keeping one for myself...

Have a lovely day :o)
xo, devon

My 1st etsy sale!

Maggie the Owl Plush has found a home in NYC! I hope she enjoys the city life and has lots of adventures ahead. Thanks to India y La Luna shop on etsy for putting me in her treasury list and therefore getting me noticed so soon into my etsy days! Please visit her shop and check out her beautiful work - earrings which I will be buying a pair of soon, and the cutest little baby rattles. And of course check out my shop too - I'm going to be posting more plushes in a couple days - 2 whales and a penguin and more mini owls.

1st post! ...and my stuff on etsy

so i'm finally getting into the blog world...maybe it'll help me to organize myself (pics, random thoughts, etc.) better - who knows about that one! at least this can be a spot for me to more easily show what i'm working on - more so than updating my websites. ha ha...another reason to procrastinate on updating my sites :o) anyway, i hope you enjoy the blog! i promise to update as often as possible. and here's my very first pic - the newest stuff on my very new etsy shop: you can also find me at and