The haircut I've always wanted but was too chicken to get - till now.

Got my hair cut last Friday and of course it hasn't looked quite this nice since then, but I still LOVE it. I never thought I could pull off bangs, but shoot, I think they're pretty great :o)

It helps that my lovely hair stylist Blair is a mind reader. I did have to convince her to cut the bangs above my eyebrows, but she put her own twist on it. She's pretty amazing & wow, did she not waste any time chopping off my almost year's worth of grown out hair.

While down in LG after getting my hair chopped and pressed, I picked up delicious Great Bear coffee (have you been there?? yum!!) and a slice of artichoke quiche which I shared with the Bird. She approved of the change as well.

Sigh, if only my hair wanted to lay down so nicely on its own. I may fold and pick up a flat iron from target. Just for special occasions. I'm way too lazy/busy/caught up in other things to make too much fuss over hair. But it was definitely fun for a day.

Happy Wednesday to you!