fairies and castles and other lovely things

I just finished a really adorable mural for two wonderful little girls. It's too fun to come up with these designs and make little stories inside them - someday...I will put a book together with all the characters and scenery I love to paint!

One side is the fairy castle with fairies enjoying their past times - planting flowers and swinging from the trees. A bunny is hanging out in the shade. Hard to see in the pic, but the castle has lots of 'blingy' details :o) I used golden's gorgeous gold paint in the base coats and also full strength for the butterfly at the castle entrance.

The other side has a flock of butterflies led along by a majestic fairy on a flower chariot (from a really classic children's illustration - done in my colors and style). And a fairy picking flowers among the mushroom forest.

Next week I'm painting something really cool too - a scenery backdrop for a real scale model train. The train will run along its track all way around the room - up by the ceiling. I'll also paint a sky for the ceiling.