Alphabet soup and Miles the owl baby

so i've missed posting for the last couple of days - many apologies! but i have many lovely things to share that i've been hard at work on :o)

first...the alphabet project!!

i just completed this and dropped it off yesterday - yay! this mural (or rather 'giant illustration'?) project was for a classroom in redwood city. this classroom for k-2nd graders has a fantastic, devoted teacher who really wanted to make his classroom the coolest place to be. i helped him pick colors to paint the space, then went to work on these babies. they will be hung at the front of the classroom - high on the wall, filling the space.

the challenge was getting in the whole alphabet with interesting objects for each letter, plus the numbers 1-10 and things to stand for the numbers as well. mission accomplished...! and it was TOO much fun - totally enjoyed it. i also painted a set of cabinets in the classroom to represent shapes and colors.

more pics of this project on my flickr page and i'll also post it with more info and pics on my mural studio blog at some point soon.

'd' is for daschund dog!

'w' is for walrus...

'n' is for narwhal obviously!

& 'm' is for a marvelously striped minnow

Also to share...Miles the owl baby plush is currently for sale in my shop!
Etsy is having some issues with its view counter so my little guy is showing up as though only one person has viewed him - poor little guy! please make him feel better by paying him a visit! :o)