swans & elephants, and my newest polka dotted accessory

flurries of activity in the studio...yay!

i've been working on some new paintings and should have one of them (available prints) in my shop today! the adorable little elephant will look perfect all framed up and hung in a special spot - maybe a children's bedroom? a playroom?

believe it or not...this is a pretty tidy workspace for me :o) my studio/office is not so forgiving and whenever i pull one thing out to work with i lose half my walking space. & if i don't put things away right away (tsk! tsk!!) it just, of course, starts to pile up which makes me feel completely claustrophobic...throat constricting as i write this. so what to do?? i just don't know what to get rid of yet...but i know a studio purge is in my near future. maybe i'll offer up some items i don't need anymore...

this is a new wooly flora brooch in yummy colors i needle felted...along with a painting called 'all i hear' that i did for a cool show a few months ago. maybe i should make a print?

i thought the brooch would look lovely on the girl in the painting.
find it in my shop later today too!

& if you were sweet and kept reading then you get to see me in my new glasses :o)

these are the most rad frames!! check out the polka dots and cut metal sides - delicious! they're by a hoity toity company from paris and were marked down to a decently affordable amount. thanks to charlie for pointing out that sunglass frames work just fine for everyday glasses. love 'em!