Melting in the studio

we're having an awfully warm week here in san jose, cali - whew! phylo and i are hanging in the studio - i'm trying to be productive and he is of course sacked out. sanguine (our tuxedo cat) is sprawled under the bed, where she believes is the coolest place to be.

I just posted etta the owl in the shop today! she's ella the owl's sister and they look really cute together. their names are taken from two ladies i love and sang their hearts out - ella fitzgerald and etta james. they were not sisters, but my owlings are.

etta looks great with orange!

i thought i would start featuring some of my current faves and finds on etsy and flickr...

the gorgeous, mod print above is by jenn ski. i love her patterns and colors and the oh so cool vibe of all her work. great stuff - check her out at etsy and at her blog.

and...there's the fabulous and dreamy yumi yumi

this is 'lazy bunny' who will soon be mine!
she also has a great blog

time to go pour a big glass of minty ice water...