last day of August...

it's been flying by!

but it's been great too...

here's what's new for the day:

i just finished this dreamy, colorful painting and have prints in my shop today. i've been in one of those moods lately with lots of imaginary scenarios that i would love to find myself in. like floating around a lake on a swan's back, surrounded by technicolor lilypads...oh, how i wish! :o)

i just put etta the baby owling in the shop yesterday morning and by afternoon she was already adopted! so etta is one happy owling and very excited to be on her way to the east coast today - enjoy your new home etta!

this is gilespi the baby owling plush...he is currently in construction but will shortly be hooting and happy. for now he has to deal with a sharp needle sewing delicious sherbert orange floss onto his eyelids - ouch! and the pretty thing above his head is a once huge and lively dahlia that has been fading from the bottom up. i can't bear to toss it with the center still looking so pretty!

& ahhhh....this was so nice last night and worth repeating today too...watermelon frescas! take a cold watermelon and toss chunks of it into the blender with some handfuls of ice. sink yourself into a comfy spot and drink up the liquid ambrosia :o)

happy labor day weekend everyone!