summery september, how sweet it is

it may be september but it's still nice and toasty here in san jose - i love it. i complain so much about the dreary, rainy months that i have no right to cry about the heat! so i'm soaking it up and enjoying it :o)

we had such a fun and FULL labor day weekend. let's see...lots more kitchen work was completed including all the caulking of edges and every where caulk was needed for now, the vent hood was installed and is beeyooteefull! i will have pictures of it on flickr soon. it has 4 lights so it nicely illuminates the island and cooktop - hooray for being able to see what you're cooking! the trim, windows, and door are finally all painted. i used 'air 01' by yolo - a paint brand i truly love and recommend to all - it is zero VOC and ended up being the perfect 'white' for the trim (sort of creamy).

i needed more green paint for wall touch ups (also yolo brand, 'leaf 03') and had a hankering to take phylo to the beach so we packed up for santa cruz and left for the evening. traffic was really really awful...usually takes 35 min, but this time it took over an hour to get into town. but it worked out great - picked up our paint from the lovely greenspace shop on soquel, got jared some goods from the o'neill's sale, picked up dinner to go from the coolest/cheapest taqueria (jalapenos), then hit the beach. we got there with not much time before the sun had totally set but we still had a blast. as soon as phylo's paws hit the sand he was off like a hopping jack rabbit! SO fun to watch him. he loves to run to us so jared would go off down the beach and have phylo sprint to him, then phylo would turn around and run toward me as fast as he could. am i going on like a proud animal parent?? sorry... :o) just love my little guy so much.

we also made good meals and ate lots more watermelon. i finished up a couple of new owls that will be in the shop soon and started some new 'wooly flora' felt brooches (till jared told me he couldn't sleep with my incessant stabbing of the felting needle...then i decided the weekend was over and went to bed!).

i'll be out all day tomorrow on a mural job...colorful children's furniture, should be fun! hopefully i can stop in for a post before or after...not sure, sometimes mural job days are c-r-a-z-y!

one more thing... i finally captured on camera the method in which jared talks on the phone. it's really pretty funny. he will walk all over the house and rarely sit down - if he does sit it's for maybe a couple of minutes then he's back to the pacing. all i had to do was sit in the dining room in one spot and sure enough he passed me by at least a half dozen times. so here's jared in full fledged phone conversation:

see ya tomorrow!