Busy days and nimble fingers

I got accepted into Bazaar Bizarre!! Just got the email this morning - woo hoo! :o) The sale is December 15th in San Francisco and boy do I have a lot of sewing and painting to get done. It is one of 9 or 10 sales/shows I have between now and Christmas. I will keep everyone posted on all the dates!

So today...in between errands and Phylo's vet appointment...I'm working on a stack of adorable owlings and have gorgeous fabrics picked out for penguins too. Look for a couple of the owlings later today in my shop!

And Melville was adopted from my shop yesterday! He's very excited for his travel ahead but will be missed greatly...he's a terrific little penguin. I'm really loving making penguins!!

& in case anyone is curious...this is one of my jobs this week (I'm still very much a full time mural painter even though I've been so busy with Devon Industry...all good!). This is a mural I painted for some clients about 2 years ago and just had to take down temporarily because they were remodeling. I brought it to my studio (just fit...it's huge!) and added a couple of things then took it back and 'wallpapered' it into its new spot. I'm going back later this week to add some more fun stuff and make little tweaks. The story of the mural is personal for my clients - this is their favorite place, Mariposa; a little piece of heaven in California. Almost everything in the mural is something they wanted included and has meaning. A very cool piece to create for them!
(another photo at my flickr page)