Little Owl Nomads

I've sold several owls and little owlings lately from my shop and just think it's so cool that they're going all over the country and even the world (yay netherlands!). It makes me feel like my little universe of San Jose, CA, is bigger and bigger all the time, which is good because I sometimes feel like 'what am I doing here?". Who knows, we could be here a really long time and that would be just fine with us, but I like to feel like we could go anywhere at anytime. And for some reason being connected to people all over the place through my little soft creations makes it feel sort of like that :o)

Speaking of going anywhere at anytime...we're leaving for europe in a few days!! Jared is being sent to Germany with work, and little ol' me is going along for the ride. He'll have to work for a couple of days in Aachen, Germany, and then we'll be free to explore for about a week. Paris for 3 days...the Rhine Valley for another 3...then a day on the race track (nurburgring) for Jared before we pack it up and come back home. I can't tell you how much we're looking forward to it...a vacation for just the two of us is a really wonderful thing - so is having work pay for one of your tickets! ;o) I promise to have photos galore...I'll probably upload to my flickr while we're over there actually.

Here are some of my lovely owling babies from the past couple of days...

And on a funny note...I picked up a little inexpensive pet bed from target the other day in the hopes of appeasing the little yapper dog that lives next door to us. Our neighbors have taken in some family members (must be hard times...) and now I'm pretty sure there are 10 people living there - yikes! Plus the little dog...who I don't think has been treated so well and that's why he's kind of nasty. I have a heart for the little guy, though I admit I've sprayed him with the hose through the fence a few times when he won't quit barking at me and Phylo. He's just such a little yipper and it makes it really hard to be in our backyard. I don't get why his owners won't tell him to be quiet. The only one who says anything is the home owner, but he's often not around...or, I'm convinced - they're just used to all the barking?? Anyway, my thought was that if he had a cozy place to curl up maybe he wouldn't be so agitated and listening for the tiniest sounds he can get upset about (like me washing dishes next door with the windows closed...).

So I'm ready to enact my plan and take the bed over there, but today Sanguine crawled into the bed and hasn't gotten out of it for like 5 hours! She loves it...and it fits her ultra fluffy (not fat) body perfectly. I'm not sure what to do...Brandy the barking dog might not even like it, though Sanguine may decide to never get back in it either. I suppose I'll give her a few days.