Au Revoir...

photo by put puri from flickr

& Auf Wiedersehen!

photo by beyond the grave on flickr

Yep, we leave tomorrow for Germany and France! We picked up phrase books for both languages to help us out a bit. I'm feeling self conscious about sounding like an idiot speaking German. I feel a little better with's phonetically more like Spanish which I'm more than familiar with. In fact, I'm afraid I'm going to bust out in Spanish without thinking about it...sigh, it's going to be embarrassing, but what can I do. I'm sure we're going to get the giggles more than once :o)

I'll keep posting on my flickr'll be seeing the sites of Aachen, Cologne, and the Rhineland in Germany (as well as the Nurburgring where Jared will be racing a car - yes, I said that right...more when we get back). And photos of Paris...possibly Giverny as well. Why Giverny? That's where Monet's beautiful home and gardens are located. It's about an hour by train from Paris and I'm really looking forward to it.

Have a lovely week...

Grosses Bises!