Iron & Wine and Millicent the Owling

I just had the most lovely of morning sewing sessions...

I subscribe to 'all songs considered' from NPR and today was treated with an Iron & Wine concert that was recorded live at the 9:30 club in D.C. Many folks know...I'm a nut for Iron & Wine (moniker for Sam Beam, the bearded and magical musician) so I was thrilled to get to listen to a concert. I have yet to get to go to a real live I&W concert...I'm sure it would be so much more amazing than listening to it over my laptop. But I really did enjoy it this morning and was super productive putting together my new owling friend, Millicent. You can find him in my shop today. I have a showcase going on that you can view as well.

It's pretty tough typing with a 50lb dog perched on my lap so I'll keep this short and sweet and close for now. Have a great Thursday!

ps- if anyone has any tips/ideas/thoughts etc. for travel in either Germany or France please let me know! We leave Saturday morning for Germany (through Jared's work) and are taking the week to see Paris and the Rhineland and little bits in between. Neither of us have been...can't wait!