Priscilla and friends

I just listed some new animal lovelies in my shop...including Priscilla the penguin. She has some truly great fabrics - one straight from Japan thanks to my parents. This is one of my absolute favorite patterns - overlapping arches, scallops...forget what it's called - oh, probably fishscales - that's what it is :o)

This is Percy the elephant plush...isn't she snazzy?? I love how she came together. She'd look great in someone's modern space with her pop of red and black & white - classic. She is available and in my shop!

And I just finished a little custom order that you can also check out. The trio includes Cosette the penguin, Cassie the lapdog, and Daphne the owling baby. They look really sweet together and I can picture them in her daughter's room - tucked into special spaces or grouped together. They're sturdy enough for some play (not rough play...) and hopefully they'll give and receive lots of love over the years.