Where's the sun??

Maybe we tricked ourselves into losing the morning sun by getting up so early all those days last week. But wow, it is REALLY dark at 6:30! I thought for sure the glow would be out by then and we'd start having some 'wake up light' (I love a natural alarm clock), but nope, super dark and not very inspiring I have to say. It's terrible how tied to light I am - I really need to get over it. Actually in Germany it was dark till around 7:30am while we were there. Oh, and I suppose with daylight savings on the way (4th of Nov) things should lighten up a bit.

I actually am better suited now for the darkening of the days toward winter. Jared helped me change out the overhead light in my office/studio and it's TONS better now. I had a pretty half globe paper shade (ikea!) up on the ceiling that really glowed more than illuminated. Now I have a little spotlight track (more ikea! - 'as is' dept. $10!) that has 5 halogen lights that cheerfully light up all the important spots...computer/sewing desk, paper cutting/mail center, painting/sewing prep area. It's funny how I could go so long without fixing the lighting situation in here. I've probably had the track light for a year! So that along with my desk lamps and some accents, it feels really cozy in here :o)

I've got a new penguin boy in my shop today! His name is Mango and his fabrics/colors are really sweet. I was trying to finish him up on Friday but my mural sketches took the whole afternoon! I'll try to remember to post those as well - I'm happy with how they came out, and just need to hear back from my client. Oh, I also mentioned wanting so badly to get little plants for my 'plants on the brain' planters from clayflower at Etsy...I finally did on Saturday - yea!! They are too cute...I will be getting more little plant heads, if not for me then for some of my friends who love to garden too.